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Jean-Pierre Pelchat, Chisasibi artist

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  Artist's statement
   Painting is an expression of ideas and emotions. In each painting, i try to produce a work that shows the world in new and different ways. In addition, i constantly try to convey messages that deal with issues that affect me in a daily basis. I also have an interest in figurative painting. When i paint people doing their daily routines, i constantly try to stay away from the ordinary, the mundane by portraying them in situations that are not quite normal, that is, i attempt to place my subjects in a world that is slightly in the margins of our world, of our reality, somewhere between reality and dream. Some people may call this type of works "magic realism". You be the judge.
     The reason why i paint in many styles and techniques is probably because they make it easier for me to express myself on certain issues/events/stories. I simply cannot imagine expressing my ideas/thoughts and emotions in only one style and technique.It just would not feel right.
     Life is filled with images,moments and events that unfortunately go unnoticed sometimes. One of my goals as an artist is to try to capture these instances/events on canvas, forever freezing them. It is important for me to find these "images" because they also play a part in one's life. Unfortunately, most of us go through life noticing only the bigger picture, that is, we follow our routines and never take the time to zoom in to the details of our world. We must stop and truly look around us and see that our world has much more to offer than our daily routines, and the obvious. We have only one shot in life, therefore we must experience it with all of our senses and to the fullest.  Enjoy the works.
- Born in Longueuil, Quebec in 1968.
- Grew up in Fort George/ Chisasibi, Quebec.
- Father of two.
- Education:
  Mission Saint-Joseph and James Bay Eeyou School.
- Cegep diploma in Fine Arts at Heritage College, Hull, Quebec.
- Bachelor of Fine Arts with a major in Art History and a minor in Studio Arts, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec.
- Profession: Adult Education teacher at Sabtuan Continuing Education in  Chisasibi, Quebec.
- 2003 Centre D'exposition de Val-D'Or, Quebec. Transmission/Presences
- 2004 Mitchuap Community Centre, Chisasibi, Quebec. Transmission/Presences
- 2005 La Grande Bibliotheque Nationale Du Quebec, Montreal Quebec. Artists' 
Books: Written images of the First Nations
- 2007 The Canadian Guild of Arts and Crafts, Montreal, Quebec. Horizons ( Solo Show)
- 2007 La Grande Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec, Montreal, Quebec Parcours Identitaires (Group Show)
- 2008 FOFA Gallery, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec. Izhiizkawe: To Leave Tracks to a Certain Place.(group show)
- 2010 Chisasibi Community Recognition Award in Art for promoting arts regionally, nationally, and internationally.
- 2003 Cree Regional Authority-Board of Compensation award for highest overall mark among Cree University students in Fine Arts.
- 1999 Cerificate of Achievement in Recognition of excellence in Fine Arts Heritage College.
- 1999  Best Print (etching) in student-end-of-program-exhibition. Heritage College.
- 1998 Cerificate of Achievement in Recognition of the highest overall average for a non-graduating student in Fine Arts. Heritage College.
- March 2010, Terry Gates, "Community Recognition Awards "Winners", Washkimaashtau, Chisasibi, Quebec.
- July 2003, Doris Blackburn," L'art autochtone en vedette au Centre d' exposition de Val-D'Or, Echo. Val-D'Or, Quebec.
- July 2005, Gina Mushynsky, "Montreal festival celebrates First Nations", Indian Country Today.
-June 2007, "Horizons aquarelle et collage sur papier", Presence Autochtone.
-May 2007, Martine Letarte, "Presence Autochtone-Premieres Nations en Direct", Le Devoir.
- May 28, 2007, "Jean-Pierre Pelchat en Solo: Aquarelle Polemique", L'Aut' Journal.
- June 2007, Melanie Paul-Hus, "Question D'art, question d'origine...",CNW Group

2000, prismacolor coloured pencils, 8 x 11 inches

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. Please get in touch with me for comments, and price.